Director of Photography

NEXUS 7 Grandma

Nexus 7: Grandma is a video banner – a one minute visit to the wonderful world of grandparents, as seen through the eyes of a child. Following the tabletop aesthetic of Nexus 7 campaign, it abstracts the story into a series of carefully curated still life compositions.

Utilizing Bot&Dolly’s IRIS motion control system we were able to guide the camera through the set over and over with sub-millimetric precision, and also modify  and iterate the camera move with ease. This freedom to experiment, allowed us to build the set design in a unexpected way. We designed the set to utilize three dimensions, utilizing both the tabletops as well as the walls with gravity defying set dressing. Early on we decided that we want to use simple but layered camera motion, but didn't want it to overwhelm the story.

Produced at: Autofuss
Client: Google
Executive Creative Director: Randal Stowell
Director, Creative Director: Quba Michalski
Producers: Alex Lee, Derrick Martin, Mike Ramirez
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
Art Director: Yalda Zakeri
Copywriter: Jamie Shaw
Lighting & Grip: Tej Viardi
Set Design: Andy Vogt
Production Designer: Doug Freeman
Prop Stylist: Hiroshi Yoshida
Production Assistants: Gregory Schram, Patrick Walsh, Dakota Wilder

Technical Director, Matchmoving, VFX, Editing, Color: Quba Michalski
Additional Compositing: Ben Hawkins
Previsualization: Chris McCard
Music composed by: Herald Boyesen
Flash Developer: KC Austin
Behind the scenes by: Aron Pruiett