Director of Photography

OFFF Titles, Cincinnati 2014

Autofuss - crafting a concept that would get as many  loved ones involved in the spirit of collaboration, assigning each artist in the studio their own title to design intended to be shot practically without post trickery. The results are, rather unique for a title sequence.

Director: Autofuss
Creative Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
Producer: Andrew Devansky
Fabrication Advisor: Andrew Devansky
Editor: Ashley Rodholm
Colorist: Carey Burens
Music: Harald Boyesen
Anton & Irene by: Peter Clark 
Yuko Shimizu by: Kirsten Ritschel 
Lobulu by: Ryan Chen 
Digital Kitchen by: Nate Costa 
James White by: Jason Kerr 
Sougwen Chung by: Rowan Ogden & Kenny Johnson 
Cocolab by: Conor Grebel 
GMUNK by: Bradley G Munkowitz 
GMUNK typography by: Brian Gossett 
OFFF Cincinnati 2014 by: Ian Colon 
Lightbox Fabrication: Barry Bradshaw
DMX Master Control: Michael Beardsworth
Key Grips: Dakota Wilder, Branson Stowell
for OFFF Festival

July 2014


A few of the designers made their own cut of the material.


Conor Grebel Vs. Cocolab

Jason English Kerr Vs. James White

Peter Clark Vs. Anton & Irene